Alumni Solutions Handles Your Technology So You Can Handle The  Alumni.

Alumni Emails

Your alumni are not always sitting by their computer and waiting anxiously to hear from you. We know how to make your emails stand out among the noise in their inbox. Groupon, Amazon, Work, Kids, and other engagements are competing for their time. We will win it.

We'll Help You Grow

We have experience emailing many constituents from different fields, including Alumni Relations. We know how to get your emails open while competing with everything else in their inbox. We can help with templates, subject lines, design, or the actual process of sending the emails. Have a need that’s not listed? Lets talk and see how we can help!

Web Design

You already have a website, but you're working for it - it's not working for you. Our sites are custom made to fit your needs and the needs you haven't been thinking of yet.

Our Websites Lay The Foundation

We can work with your current site or build a brand new site in order to accomplish your goals and beyond. We provide analytics to see where your visitors are from, how they ended up on the site, and the actions they’re making. We provide you the same power that large brands are using to engage with your alumni so you can compete for their attention.


We have experience in Development / Advancement / Alumni Engagement and we know technology better than most. We will sit down and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to help you grow. Thinking about using iModules, Evertrue, Eventbright, Sage, or some other software? Let us translate the tech talk and make sure they are giving you exactly what you need.

We Know Tech And Speak Your Language

We don’t expect you to speak the technology language. Luckily, we’re bilingual in your field and ours. We can assist in any means necessary to support the needs of your office.

Social Media

Your alumni are already on social media, but it's a very distracting place. We bring your accounts front and center in order to grab the eye of your alumni.

Reach Your Alumni Where They're Spending Time Already

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Vine, and beyond. If you have alumni on the platform we will engage them.

Lost Alumni

We can work through facebook, email, and your alumni to complete your database information.

We Can Find Them

Using the information your alumni already have on their social media accounts we can locate them without having their information in your database. We can also use email to leverage your alumni in the database to help us find those who are missing.

Alumni Solutions For Your Office

Search high and low- you won’t find anyone else who have this much experience in your world who can handle technology like we do.
Lybunts, Sybunts, and Everything In Between (We Speak Your Language) 98%
Translating What You Know Into What You Need 99%
Handling Your Technology 100%

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